AGA 2017 Summer Golf Tournament completed succefully!

The AGA Hong Kong Junior Golf 2017 Summer Tournament was held on 28th August 2017 at Yinli Foreign Business Golf Club successfully.

Regardless of the unfavourable weather, players made their last-ditch effort to compete for the top spot. Every player enjoyed the game and tried their best to shoot a better score. 

Special thanks to Yinli Foreign Business Golf Club, U.S. Kids, Mizuno, Waterfall Sports & Wellness, Sweetbirdies and Oneunder again for their full support and sponsor to the tournament. Also, the generous support from students and parents to our academy are highly appreciated.

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Hong Kong Junior Golf Training Program Aug 2017 Skill Test Result and Certificate Collection

Congratulations for completing the AGA's Junior Skill Test August, 2017! Please kindly check the test result via the following link. Relevant certificates will be ready to be collected on or after the 25th of September, 2017.

Here are some suggestions if you have passed your test:

1) Enroll our On-course training program or seasonal competitions to enhance your children's interest in golf

2) Buy a set of golf clubs to your child to raise up more fun in golf

3) If you have already passed Level 2, you are highly recommended to change to our low handicap class.

Should you have enquiry, please contact us at 2271 4953 or 6933 8068.

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【Simulated Golf Training】

AGA will organise simulated golf training since April.
During the course, students can experience on-range training under the guidance of coach
Simulated golf training include:
- golf rules
- on-range manner
- golf manner
- testify whether students are capable of on-range training
In order to provide students with comfortable learning environment, simulated golf training is held indoor with air-conditioning

For enquiry or application, please contact 2271 4953 or Whatsapp 6933 8068


Rising Star - Markus

As the pioneer of junior golf training program in Hong Kong, AGA launches different golf programs through out the years to promote its development among children and teenagers. Other than regular trainings, AGA is also the only organization recognized by Australian Golf Teacher Federations to issue official certificates of golf courses.

With the attentive coaching and progressive trainings in AGA, our student Markus has gain continuous improvement in golf skills. Regardless of his young age, Markus (6 years old) has obtained amazing results in various tournaments.